Saturday, October 4, 2008

Field Trip: Western Michigan

A couple of weekends ago we had the privilege of spending all day Friday in South Haven, Michigan with our dear friends the Abazis. We met the Abazi's five years ago in Stevenson Ranch, California. We were attending the same church and learned that we lived in the same condominium complex. We shared dinner together and the rest is history...they grew to be our very dear friends, we shared several holidays together, many game nights, and a plethora of rich memories. Darien finished his seminary training in California and the Abazi's welcomed their first child, Tommy, around that time we both knew we were called in different direction. Each of our families hoped and prayed that we would remain in touch and that one family would not be left behind in California for too long without the other. Well, in God's providence we each relocated within a few weeks of one another. The Abazi's are in Detroit, Michigan now and welcomed their second child, Sarah, a day after Noelle's third birthday.
Since our move to Racine, we have been able to see the Abazi's on three occassions. Even though the amount of time we get to spend together pales in comparison to our California days, they are the type of friends we pick right up with where we last left off. We thank God for them and can't wait until our next time together!


The Abazis said...

It was wonderful spending time with you and your kids. They are growing up so quickly, and Tommy just adored them. We can't wait until the next time we see you your family, as well! Hopefully sooner than later!

With love,
Redi and Lindsay

Monique said...

So fun!

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